To Peru He Goes!!!

Hola, family–

So it finally happened. President Keyes just called me, and my visa is here. That feels so weird to write. I’m flying to Peru on Saturday. That’s even weirder to write. Holy cow, holy cow, holy cow…yeah. Right now, I’m not entirely sure what jumble of emotions I’m feeling (there’s quite a few), but I do know quite a few of them are positive. Like I’ve alluded to heavily in my emails…it’s going to be really hard to leave. I feel like I’ve just started here in Kansas, and probably more than anything I’d love to have more time. And crap, I almost started crying just now…gosh, I’m going to be like an episode of “Parenthood” these next few days. (Meaning I’ll be a rollercoaster of emotions. Mom and Ariel, you can explain that one to everyone, since you guys both watched it with me and saw how I was during/after every episode. :)) Don’t freak out about me, though…like I’ve also said in my emails…God has it all covered. He knows exactly where I need to be, when I need to be there. These next few days are going to be crazy, difficult, all over the place, and I just know they’re going to fly by. But I’ve had such a wonderful experience here…and I’ll carry the memories with me forever. I know it. And something else I know that as overwhelming as going to Peru is bound to be, it will be an incredibly rewarding experience–one of the best of my life, if I work hard and do the Lord’s work, like I’ve tried my best to do here. Things definitely haven’t gone as I’ve expected these past few months–but so far, it’s all been for my good, and I’ve learned and grown so much, and been incredibly happy and blessed, and I know that’s not about to change now. And I feel like I’m going through therapy via email right now or something. Anyways, my flight is Saturday morning, the APs will be calling me regarding travel arrangements (I’ll be sure to keep you posted/email info to you guys), Elder Armijo will be flying out with me, I’ll be checking my email often these next few days, so be sure to send me any questions/concerns/etc. and I’ll respond to them promptly. I’ll just be over here in Kansas, finishing my time here, packing like a madman, going through the entire emotional spectrum, praying lots and working hard. You know, what missionaries do. 🙂 I love you all so much, and I’m thankful for all you’ve all done to help make my time in the MTC, my time here in Kansas, and after Saturday, my time in Peru, so wonderful. 🙂
Con mucho amor,
Elder Randall
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