That’s Another Story…

Hola familia y amigos…

So I had a bit of a story to tell in this email, but I think I´ll have to hold it off for the sake of time. It´s a bit of a long one. For now, some housekeeping, and some random things that have happened this week:


  • I finally got the big letter I was working on sent last week. Be sure to let me know when it arrives, so I know about how long mail takes from here to the U.S. Mom, I actually received a letter from you last week…from May. Remember that first DearElder you sent? I got a confirmation email with the text of the letter when I was in the MTC…but I never got the hard copy of the letter. What I think happened is that you sent it to the Peru Arequipa Mission instead of the MTC…and somehow or other, it took until now to get to me, because now I´m actually in the Peru Arequipa Mission. Anyways, it confused me for a bit at first…I was reading, and going, “Wait a minute…this seems really familiar.” 🙂
  • Mom, a few questions about our family in New York…first off, I´d still love to get their addresses/emails and birthdays and all that. Second, I was bragging about everyone to my companion the other day, and realized…where are Uncle Lenin´s and Auntie Jessie´s families from? I really have no idea. By the way, the other day I wore my coat…I haven´t had too many chances to wear it, and probably won´t have many more for a while, since spring started yesterday here, but every opportunity I get, I love wearing it. It´s crazy warm, it looks amazing, and someone said it looked like something out of “The Matrix.” 🙂
  • I got a great email from the bishop today…gracias, Mom, for forwarding my emails onto him. Be sure to let him know I really appreciated his email.
  • Mom, the sequel…so I was thinking today, I´d love to make some of the awesome things you´ve (sort of) taught me how to make here. The problem is, I definitely need recipes…I´m hopeless without them. Could you send me some of your “greatest hits” (:D) when you get the chance? Like stuff that I really love and would be fairly feasible to make here? Cinnamon rolls are what come to my mind at this moment…but that might be because I really love cinnamon rolls, haha. But yeah, whether it be dessert, main dish, etc….my companion is an awesome cook, so he can definitely help me out if I get stuck.
  • Ariel (and/or Mom)…a kind of silly question…could you guys let me know about the new “Dancing With The Stars” cast whenever you get the chance? You know me…I´m curious.
  • In the interest of full disclosure, I´ve run into a bit of a problem with my pants…3 out of 4 pairs have holes in them. Believe it or not, they´re actually the three pairs that are the most expensive…the ones I bought with my new suit at JCPenney´s, and the one I got from DI that was really cheap, but in really good shape (and probably cost way more originally, whoever bought it first). (My other pair, the $20 washable one that was also from JCPenney, is fine.) We´re going to try to see if we can get them repaired today, but I might need to buy a new pair. We´re not sure exactly what happened…all 3 of the holes seem to be from wear and tear, which doesn´t make sense, since I hadn´t used those 2 new pairs beforehand, and the other pair was fine before I left.
  • Ariel, I sent you an email about music (gosh, how many times have I said that before… :)). Also, as I´ve said previously, I´d love to have some more sheet music when you guys get the chance. That one arrangement of “If You Could Hie To Kolob,” “miedo y fe”…that kind of thing. If you´re willing to part with Easy Piano Classics and/or Jon Schmidt, I would love to have those too.
  • We had another baptism this past week! Pictures are attached…it was of Eduardo´s niece, Lucero, who is 9. She´s the daughter of Eduardo´s sister, Maria. We actually met her and Maria a bit before Eduardo…but due to circumstances that I´ll explain down the road, she didn´t get baptized until now.
  • Funny story about church this week: the sister was directing the music this week also gave a talk…and when she went up to give her talk, I thought she was getting up to direct the intermediate hymn, and so I walked over to the keyboard. The bishopric thought this was quite funny. (So did I. :)) I got the last laugh, though…later on, she was sitting again in the congregation, and when it was time to sing the intermediate hymn, right after her talk, the people sitting next to her had to prompt her to go up, because she forgot that, of course, she was also directing the music. A bit confusing, but fun times. 🙂
  • I´ve been wanting to watch it forever, but I finally saw it this week…”A Celebration of Life,” the DVD of the concert that they gave for President Hinckley´s 95th birthday back about 7 years ago. It´s so awesome. We borrowed it from the new family we´re living with (that´s part of the story I´m hopefully going to tell next week…), and watched it this past Sunday. I highly recommend it. By the way, I think they just had a similar concert for President Monson, and possibly they´ll be putting it on DVD too. Let me know if that happens.
  • Today is the first day of my second transfer in Peru. Whoa. This Wednesday, it will have been 6 weeks since I arrived in Tacna. Today is 6 weeks since I arrived in the mission. ¡Santa vaca! 🙂

I have to wrap up really quickly…but in closing, once again, I´ve had a terrific week. It´s been a week of change (once again, I´ll talk about that next week…apologies if I´m sounding a little cryptic), but a week of really great experiences. I´m happy, I´m improving, and I´m doing really well. I love you all so much, and as always, I´m incredibly grateful for everything you do. You´re all in my prayers, and in my heart. 🙂


Con mucho amor,


Elder Randall


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