Do Little To Write, and So Much Time… Scratch That, Reverse It

Hola familia y amigos,

Well, it´s been another week in Tacna. And wow, I don´t have much time to get this email all written. Let´s move directly to the bullets, if you please…
  • So the Great Pants Crisis of 2012 has been averted…OK, so it never was really a crisis, but yeah, we got my pants all mended, and it looks like she (the lady who mended them) did a good job, so hopefully they´ll hold up for a while. No need to buy new pants yet, so no worries about that.
  • Good news, Mom…as I said in my email to you, I should have your package in my hands this week, probably by Thursday. We found out on Saturday that it had arrived in Arequipa, we had to do a carta de poder in order for the people in the office in Arequipa to be able to retrieve it (the good news is that it lasts for 6 months, so any packages in that time period won´t need a new carta de poder, which is nice), and now that that´s taken care of, the zone leaders are traveling to Arequipa tonight for a meeting they have tomorrow, and they should be able to bring the package back with them and give it to me later this week. Both my companion and I are excited…he´s anxious to receive his birthday surprise. 🙂
  • So, before I run out of time yet again…the story, in abbreviated form. We´re now living with another family. My companion and Mahonry (from our last family that we were living with) had a bit of a heated discussion involving an issue we had concerning a baptism…yeah, it´s a long story (which I may recount in a letter or something). We had actually already been planning to move to another room and possibly another pensionista, because of the fleas. Remember when I told you back a few emails ago about the fleas, and not to worry, we were taking care of it? Yeah, that week we were talking with a few families in the ward about moving. Anyways, there was a huge fallout, and our need to move became much, much more urgent, and now we´re living in a different place and with a different pensionista. The good thing is that this family is also quite amazing…seriously, they´re the best. I´ll talk more about them in future correspondences. More good news…Elder Flores and Mahonry buried the hatchet, and things are all good between them now. Yeah, this is kind of a lame version of what actually happened, but it´s an incredibly long story…all you basically need to know is that crazy things happened, and everything´s very good now.
  • The return of my traditional food bullet: We ate anticuchos this week at a ward activity. What are anticuchos, you my ask? Oh, just meat from the heart of a cow, on a stick. They were really, really good, btw. It´s actually not the first time I´ve eaten hearts…I had chicken heart once at an awesome Brazilian restaurant in Provo. (I also enjoyed it.) On the soda front…we tried a Chilean soda this week, called Bilz. It was delicious, and darn it, it´ll probably be really hard to find in the future…by the way, did I tell you guys that I had Pepsi, and loved it? Because I did, about a week or two ago. These caffeinated sodas are going to get me…sigh. 🙂
  • OK, I´m pretty much completely out of time, so for once, I´m going to make a list of things to tell you all next week, and you can all wonder about them all week. (Insert evil laugh here. :)) Families Can Be Together Forever, power outage, candles, bore my testimony, tournament of hymns, the day of chastity, laughing at believers. It will all make sense in time… 🙂
  • So…Granny, I´d love to hear from you. Did you get my letter that I sent forever ago? Also, I´d love to have a picture of you to show off to my companions and everyone. Auntie Katie, I just got your email from Dad (I actually had an old one of yours, but I wasn´t sure if it still worked), so I´m going to start forwarding them to you along with everyone each week. I´d love to hear from you, too, and I´ll get a letter of some sort out to you as soon as I can…well, first, I need your address, actually. Anyways, I hope you and Uncle Dan and everyone are doing wonderfully. Grandma Marsha, my dad gave me your email, and this is also the first email I´m forwarding to you. Apologies for that…I didn´t have your email before. I´m sounding like a bit of a broken record here, but I´d be glad to hear from you as well, and I´d also love to write you too when I get the chance. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

And my companion is waiting anxiously for his turn at the computer…so I need to wrap this up quickly, as always. I need to give a bit more time to this closing part next week. Anyways, thank you all yet again for your prayers, emails, letters…everything. I´m doing well, I´m happy, and while things aren´t perfect (things never are), I´m very, very grateful to be here, to be experiencing the things I´m experiencing…all of that. I know the Church is true, and I know Heavenly Father is behind me…and with that, I can´t go wrong.

Con amor,
Elder Randall
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