Quick, Como Un Conejo

Hola familia y todos…

So this just might be the shortest email I´ve ever sent. To be quite honest, I didn´t have much to write about this week…not that it´s been a boring week or anything, but there´s not anything huge I can think of to cover. I intended to spend a bit of time catching up…but now I have about 5 minutes left of my email time. Ha. So, while we´re young, I´ll say at least a few words for now:
  • finally got the package! It was amazing. I loved the letters. (Geo, mi compañero dijo que sí, el extraña muchísimo la comida que tú dijistes, pero también ha cocinado aquí en Peru. Pero, nunca podré tomar aquí atol de elote y de plátano. Pero, él ya va a llegar a Guatemala, él dice. :)) I´ll work on responding to them soon, for sure. Ariel, the CDs…I can´t thank you enough. It´s so awesome to have such a large MoTab collection now. There were a few that are missing…but I´ll talk to you about those in a bit, and I´m so happy to have the ones I have…like crazy happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you…I´ll take good care of the Napster. (And gracias, as well, for Mr. Baser´s address. :)) The food, the letters, the CDs…it was a great treat. Many thanks to you all for sending it. 🙂
  • Dad, you´ve become the family Wikipedia/random facts expert in my absence, and I have a question…there´s a singer named Sissel, that sang with MoTab in one of their Christmas concerts (by the way, I saw the announcement for who they´re singing with this year, and it´s awesome…go check out LDS.org…), and I can´t remember if she´s Norwegian or Swedish. Could you check on that for me? 🙂
  • Mom and Livi, I printed out your emails so I can respond them in the letters I´m working on for you guys. Once again, thanks, Mom, for the pictures, and I still don´t want my siblings to grow up. They´re getting too old.
  • Also, Mom, as I asked you recently…I´d love some recipes when you get the chance.
  • We have a baptism planned for later this week. It´s kind of been a long journey…more about that, hopefully, next week, along with of course, pictures.
  • It´s been a very nice week, it really has. Apologies that I don´t have any spectacular stories to tell. 🙂
  • So, food…I´ll have to cover that next week. I´m already running long.

Yeah, this wasn´t much of an email, but I didn´t really have much time, or anything huge to cover, so it works out. I hope you´re all doing wonderfully, and I love you all so much…know that my mission is going great, and that you´re all in my prayers, as always. 🙂

Con amor,
Elder Randall


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