Moving On Up…

Hola, familia y amigos…

So I have a bit more time to write my email this week. (Not much, but a bit. :)) And a bit more stuff to talk about. Let´s get right to it, shall we? 🙂
  • So those things I was going to catch up on? Yeah, I think I´m going to have to once again resort to a letter for those. Because email-wise…it´s not looking like it´s going to happen. I´ll keep you all posted on that. 🙂
  • We had a baptism this past week! Her name is Emily (but also Pilar…officially her first name is Emily del Pilar). Like I alluded to last week, it´s been a bit of a long journey for her to her baptism. Sadly, I don´t really have time to tell said story here…I´ll put it in the letter. Suffice it to say now, her baptism and confirmation were both terrific experiences. Sorry to bury the lead here, but I got to confirm her! It went really well. 🙂 I´ve taken the liberty of attaching a picture or two.
  • Mom, two food-related questions. Have you heard of a fish called perico? Because I ate it a few weeks ago. And it was delicious. Second question: Have you had un batido (palta y leche) before? That I haven´t had yet, and to be honest I don´t really want to, but we were talking about it recently, and I realized I´ve never seen you make it. (And once again, to be honest, I never really want to see you making it. :p)
  • Dad, many thanks for the Wikipedia article on Sissel. It was, as you so often say, “very refreshing!” But seriously…I can always count on you to give me very interesting information via the Internet. Be sure to keep it up. 🙂
  • Oh, I have another question for you, Dad, actually…though you might not need Wiki for this one. Last night we were talking with someone from the ward whose son is in the Lima East mission, and he has an autistic companion, apparently. Elder Flores had never heard of autism, and I couldn´t explain it really well…I´ve heard a great deal about it, but I have no idea what it really is in a nutshell. Anyways, more information about that would be great, when you get the chance.
  • This Sunday at Church, it was a bit like the Sunday I gave my farewell talk (where I played organ, sang a special musical number, gave a talk, and played piano in Priesthood one last time). I played the piano, confirmed Pilar, gave a talk, and taught part of our very first Gospel Principles class. Whew. Two funny things related to that:
    • During the prelude music (reminder: I play on an electric keyboard), I decided this week to just use the hymnbook rather than my awesome prelude books, because they just don´t work with a keyboard. It was much better, but the problem was, the hymnbook I use (from Elder Flores) isn´t one that stays open very well. Thus, I was having many issues with it during the prelude music. It was kind of amusing, and no one really noticed me pausing frequently to straighten out the hymnbook, so it worked out OK. Plus, I figured out that somehow I have “Come, Ye Children of the Lord” nearly memorized. 🙂
    • I started off my talk by stating, “If it´s alright, I´m going to give my talk in English.” (I said this, of course, in Spanish.) After that, I said in English, “Good luck,” paused, and then assured the ward it was a joke. 🙂 My companion told me that the bishop´s face was priceless…everyone was thinking I was honestly going to give my talk in English. (Afterwards, since it was indeed in Spanish, various people in the ward told me my Spanish was very good, which was nice. Of course, then again, my talk was written down as always, so that had to have helped. :))
  • Mom…so like I said last week, the package was amazing. We were both so excited to get the pants (Elder Flores especially). The problem…yeah. They totally don´t fit. (Admittedly, I joked when I tried mine on…”What son was she making these for?!?” :)) The good news is, our pensionista and her daughter are rather generously working to alter them right now. So, no worries on that. Yet. 🙂
  • Quick things: So we helped push a car a block or two last night. That happened. It´s getting a bit hot here in the daytime. Ugh. (I miss Arizona, but not that much. :)) My companion is almost dead…not literally, but mission-wise. Today is one of two P-days that he has remaining…he leaves on Nov. 4, in the morning. Crazy, crazy, crazy times. We´re both probably going to go through an emotional roller coaster these next two weeks (especially if someone starts singing “Para siempre Dios esté con Vos”). 🙂 And Dad, I helped someone with their medical homework. I´ll leave it at that for now (aren´t you proud? :)), but suffice it to say there´s quite obviously more to that story. :p

And, aside from the still-lingering things I need to catch up on (look out for a letter somewhere down the road), I think I actually covered all the things I wanted to, more or less, albeit in abbreviated form. I´m doing really well, we have another baptism planned for this Saturday (more on that next week…it´s kind of an interesting story), and I feel like, still, I´m progressing and growing and learning and enjoying the mission experience. I love you all so much…as always, I´d love to hear from each and every one of you when you get the chance. It always makes my day. 🙂 You´re all in my hearts, and in my prayers, always…

Con mucho amor,
Elder Randall
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