The Start Of Something New

Hola, familia, amigos, y people of Earth…

So I never leave myself enough time anymore to write these main emails. Quick, quick, quick…as usual, the bullets. They await. I´ll try to cover as much of the things I wanted to cover as I can…
  • Today is my 3-month anniversary in Peru. On the 2nd I celebrated my 6-month anniversary as a missionary. On Thursday, I´ll have been here in Tacna for 3 months. Santa vaca, time is passing fast.
  • So I don´t know if you all have heard, but there was an earthquake in Guatemala the very morning after Elder Flores got home. The epicenter was apparently in, of all places, Guatemala City. Where Elder Flores lives. And it was a 7.3. Yikes. I emailed him to check if he´s OK and everything…all of us here in Tacna have been a bit worried. But also we´ve been joking a bit that Guatemala wasn´t prepared for his arrival, that he had so much power that it shook the ground, that now that he´s reunited with his beloved Kristy (an ex-girlfriend…I don´t think I´ve told you all about her…that will come in the letter :)), he feels the earth move under his feet, he feels the skies tumbling down, a-tumbling down. (OK, that last one I just came up with now. Courtesy of Carole King. :)) Anyways, I´ve been praying a lot for him, and Geo´s family has also been on my mind. Hopefully everyone that we know in Guatemala…and everyone we don´t know as well…are all doing well.
  • So, my new companion. We have now been together for a week. His name is Elder Serrano (not Sorreno as previously reported… :)), and he´s from….Ecuador…Is a wonderful country, but sorry Mom, he´s actually from Mexico. 🙂 He has 9 months in the mission field, he´s our new district leader, and we get along really well. We´ve definitely been working hard this past week. He´s my first companion in a while that´s younger than me…he just turned 19 in October. I feel old. So very old. I said this in my email to you, Mom, but I cannot believe I´m going to be 21 in less than a month. When talking about this, I often ask, “¿Qué pasó?,” and then answer my own question with: “Time.” 🙂
  • Two brief stories about my companion: So I´ve been here in Natividad for about 13 weeks and haven´t been bitten by a dog once. (So there was that one time where that one dog tried to…be very, very friendly, in so many words…with my leg, but that´s another story. Which I already told in my big letter home. :)) Elder Serrano, in his first week here, has been bitten twice. (Not seriously, thank goodness.) Basically, dogs hate him. But he still loves them. It´s a dysfunctional relationship. 🙂 The other thing…so he was looking at that mosaic of pictures you sent, Mom, that I have on my desk. He was looking at a picture of you, and the following conversation ensued (in Spanish, of course):
    • Him: “Is this your girlfriend?” Me: “Um…no. It´s my mom.”
  • Definitely a bit awkward. But completely hilarious. Mom, I told you you´re not old. Because you´re not. 🙂
  • Holy new bishopric! They´ve called 3 very great men to serve in the bishopric in our ward, and I´m really excited and happy for them. It will be really weird to come back to a different bishopric, but I knew Bishop Johnson had been serving for a while, so it wasn´t a huge surprise. Yay for new callings! 🙂
  • OK, running out of time. Two quick, very different things: First, I´ve heard that Pres. Obama won. I´ve also seen the official statement by the Church on You know my feelings about Pres. Obama…and yes, I was quite happy. Still am. I´d love to hear way more election results (senator, propositions, etc.), so please do send that on to me whenever any of you get the chance. That would be awesome. 🙂
  • So I´ve had some great insights this week from scripture study…and also when reading 2 Nephi 26 this week, there was a verse from Isaiah that mentioned crushing bones into powder. That reminded me of “The Pink Panther”: “You didn´t threaten to crush his bones and grind them into powder?” “No.” “Hmmm. Perhaps I saw that on TV.” 🙂
  • Oh, one more thing. Mom, we have a hermana in our zone that is from Ecuador. I will be sure to ask her what part she´s from soon. Her name is Hermana Herrera. 🙂
  • Be sure to send on those pictures I mentioned last week ASAP…I´d love to get them.

Well, I´m plumb out of time. I love you all so much, and know that as usual, things here are going quite swimmingly. I love my new companion, the area is progressing nicely, and I´m happy. Things haven´t been perfect, but they´ve been going very, very well. You´re all, as always, in my prayers and thoughts. I´d love to hear from you all! 🙂

Con mucho amor,
Elder Randall


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