Time After Time…

Hola, familia, amigos, y todos…

Aargh. This will once again be short. Really short. I promise I don´t hate you all…I just always end up leaving myself very little time for my main email, like I said last week. But I promise I´m working diligently on letters when I get the time, and I´m sending more personal emails, and hopefully it´s all good. Anyways, a bullet or two before I once again run out of time…
  • We´ve been having lots of good experiences this week. There´s not anything right now that sticks out really much, but yeah…just lots of little things that are going very well in our area. We´re working hard, progressing well, and I feel good about how the work is going. Something we´re going to work on this week is to invite people to be baptized more. We need to strengthen ourselves a bit more with getting people committed to a baptismal date, and that´s something we want to focus on, because it´s pretty darn important. Our purpose is to invite people to come unto Christ…and we can´t do that without, well, inviting them in the first place. 🙂
  • So, as usual, I have a question for Mom, Ariel, and whoever is available to assist…I´ve been sending emails to Kassi, and have not been receiving a response. I got a DearElder letter from her a few weeks ago, so I´m pretty sure it´s not because she hates me or anything, but yeah…I´m wondering if she changed emails or something like that. Ariel, if you get the chance, I would love if you could do some detective work on that. That would be awesome. 🙂
  • We have an event every week (more or less…long story) called Noche Misional…Missionary Night in English, that happens on Fridays, with the ward. We´ve had a bit low attendance lately, but this week was a very fun time…we watched “On The Way Home” (which I haven´t seen in years…it almost made me cry a few times), and played a few little games with the ward members that were there. One of them was Ninja, which I last played at BYU. (Ariel, you probably have played it before, possibly.) It brought back memories. 🙂
  • Mom, I talked more with Hermana Herrera, and she informed me that she is from…Milagros, I believe?…which she said is about an hour from Guayaquil. She asked what part of Guayaquil you´re from. I´ve told her your story, how awesome you are, we´ve talked a bit about Ecuadorian food…it´s awesome. (For example, she, too, does not like spicy food. Or food even remotely near spicy. She had a funny story about that from the Lima MTC, when she was there. Her companion was from Peru, and the other missionaries at her table were from Mexico, and while she was struggling with how “spicy” the food was, the other missionaries, especially the Mexican ones, were all fine and calm. She said she was freaking out a bit, but she´s gotten used to Peruvian food a bit more. :))
  • There is a missionary from the ward next to us that I talked to on Sunday while my companion and I were there so he could have a baptismal interview with two young girls that the sister missionaries there have been teaching. Anyways, he´s really cool, and I found out that he is leaving for the Provo MTC on my birthday. Very crazy. He´s going to Pocatello, Idaho, to speak Spanish…though from what I´ve seen of US missions, he´ll probably have to speak a great deal of English too. He´s been practicing. 🙂

And…my companion is waiting. (Albeit very patiently, but still. :)) Apologies once again that these emails are always so short…but I´m also working on letters, like I´ve said (including one for the whole family/everyone that I´m planning to include with Mom´s or something along those lines), and I´ll be sure to tell many more details. 🙂 For now, I´m doing very well, I love you all so much, and I hope you´re all doing great. 🙂

Con mucho amor,
Elder Randall
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