A Bit More Than Last Week…

Hola, familia y amigos…

So once again, apologies for last week´s email that wasn´t really an email. This week…well, as always, I´m short on time, but let´s jump into the bullets, as always, so I can update you all a bit on the last 2 weeks…
  • So, in the interest of full disclosure, about 2 weeks ago or so, we had fleas. Again. We´re pretty sure we contracted them from one of the many mangy dogs that follow us around, which is a valid theory because, well, there are many mangy dogs that follow us around. 🙂 It´s all good now…we fumigated, we took pills to help with the bites, and we are more or less out of the woods. It was frustrating, but I´d been through it before (poor Elder Serrano hadn´t, but he got through it alright), so it wasn´t anything new. 🙂
  • In other health-related news, I am now recovering from a cold. Meh. What still remains is a cough, and a bit of a nasty one at that, but my throat feels like it´s on the mend, I just need to get all the nonsense out. Hopefully that made sense. Anyways, I´ve taken meds, I´m constantly feeling better, my companion gave me a blessing, our pensionista family is taking very, very good care of me, and I´ll be quite fine.
  • On a more positive note, my birthday was awesome. We actually had companionship exchanges that very day…so I wasn´t exactly able to be with my companion. Still, they were excellent exchanges, we had cake, missionaries and other people alike sang to me, the next day Elder Serrano and I enjoyed an amazing lunch of alfredo (yes, it exists here…the niece of our pensionista, Pilar…remember she got baptized in October? I think I mentioned this in the emails…made it, and it was delicious), and I even got a few gifts, which was really nice. Anyways…I really enjoyed my birthday week. Many thanks again for the birthday wishes you all sent, and know that even though I was away from home, I had a lovely birthday. Also, still can´t believe I´m 21. Sigh. 🙂
  • I don´t know if I mentioned in the emails that my BBQ sauce had run out, but anyways, now it is replenished. And all was well in the land. Also, Elder Serrano has become a BBQ sauce convert. My ways are swift and effective.
  • So we´ve been working with the ward to update and organize the ward directory a bit better. During the course of this yesterday, we discovered that someone was in our ward directory…that lives in the Philippines. Yeah. She had been sent to this ward by mistake, because the street name where she lives was the same as the ward name…something like that. We were all a bit amused about this. 🙂
  • There is a house in our area we have passed a few times where we have heard a jazz band practicing. Each and every time it has greatly excited me, as you may surmise. I really, really want to go contact that house…we may do so this week, possibly. :p
  • So it´s the last week of the transfer. There is a possibility it may be my last week here in Natividad. I hope not, but really, like the hymn says, “I´ll go where you want me to go.” We´ll see what happens. Quite obviously, I´ll keep you all posted…and good heck, time passes fast. It literally seems like just last week Elder Serrano and I started out.
  • Package update: We got the carta de poder sent, but the package still hasn´t arrived. It should be here by the very, very latest at the end of this week. Most likely, a bit earlier than that, possibly tomorrow.

Wow, I think I actually pretty much covered all the things I had written down. As always, things are going very nicely…it´s not perfect, but it´s good. I´m happy and healthy (well, with a cold, but relatively healthy still), and I hope you all are doing similarly well. I love you all so much, and I´m thankful for how amazing you all are. I´m blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. May the Lord bless you all and keep you safe and happy. 🙂

Con amor,
Elder Randall


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