So Remember That Time When I Tried a Watermelon?


Hola, familia y todos…

So, usually my email titles are a bit cryptic. This week I got a bit straighter to the point. I had an experience this week with watermelon. Yes, watermelon. The thing I spit out years ago after the ward Fourth of July parade. Let´s move to the bullets and all will be revealed…
  • Yep, I ate watermelon this week. I still didn´t like it. We were bringing our laundry back to our room, and passed by the house of Lucero, Eduardo, and Justa (three of our recent converts…one of whom we baptized this month), and Justa´s son, Sabino, the father of Eduardo, invited us in for a bit. He offered us watermelon…and while Elder Serrano explained that I´m not a fruit person, Hno. Sabino suggested I try some. I agreed…and I still didn´t like it. And I had to give my companion about half of my pieces. But I ate about…3 pieces? Something like that. (It was cut up and everything…I definitely didn´t have it in me to eat 3 slices or something.) Anyways, I may be growing up. I´m not sure. It was OK. But I´d rather not eat it again if I can help it. 🙂
  • We had interviews once again with Presidente Fernandez this week. They were a very good experience. Presidente told me that most likely, I´m leaving this area when we have transfers next week. I still have very mixed emotions about this. And like Nathan always says…”I don´t want to talk about it!” Haha, no. But really, I´m going to try to strike a balance this week between prepare for my possible departure and say goodbye to people (I already had to do a goodbye this past week…one of the young men in the ward was leaving on a trip to Lima, and will be gone until after the transfer), and work like crazy to make this week the best of my mission (more or less, if I´m leaving, leave with a bang). So we´ll see what happens. Like I said…mixed emotions. But I know that if there´s another area the Lord needs me to be in, then I need to be there…and it will be great.
  • Something else related to interviews…so Ariel, I gave Presidente the CD you sent me that wasn´t hymns. And rather amusingly, your prophecy was fulfilled. You said “If it´s not OK, at least your mission president will have a good CD to listen to.” And that´s exactly what he did. Almost directly in the interview. 🙂 He said that although it´s not quite fitting the rules, he´ll give it a listen and see if it´s alright for me to have. If it´s OK, he´ll give it back to me…if not, he´ll keep it and give it back when he leaves in July. But yeah. While he was talking with Elder Serrano privately for a bit and I was outside of the room, I heard him start playing the CD. I laughed quietly to myself. 🙂 (Side note: He seemed to have enjoyed the CD…who knows, he might keep it just because he likes it a lot. :))
  • Our ward mission leader was called and set apart this Sunday. I´m very excited to work with him. A counsel for you guys that I should have followed a bit better before I left…work with your ward mission leader. Love him and appreciate him. He´s a really great resource to help the missionaries, to advance the missionary work in the ward…really, he should be your friend. Just saying.
  • I think I now have a curse when I´m on companionship exchanges with zone leaders. I had exchanges with Elder Brinkerhoff, one our zone leaders, on Thursday, and we were working here in Natividad. He´s from Utah and was in the office for a while (I actually met him before when I arrived in Arequipa in August), and he´s pretty darn cool. Anyways, much like my last exchanges with a zone leader, he was sick. Really dang sick. We weren´t able to get terribly much work done…it was kind of a bummer, but at the very least, we had a very fun experience. Hopefully the next time I´m with a zone leader…they´re healthy. And I´m healthy too. And it will be a healthy party. (Yeah, I still have my cough…though I think it´s finally going down. I´m taking my Wal-itin D on recommendation of Elder Brinkerhoff…he´s an RNA, so he has a bit of medical knowledge…and it seems to be helping.)
  • I read Elder Cook´s talk this week in the Conference issue in Spanish we just got. It was really different from what I remember hearing in Conference…oops. But it was terrific. Mom, you were right…he really didn´t pull any punches.
  • I learned in our Gospel Principles class this Sunday that “The Iron Rod” is not very well-known in Latin America. Who knew? (Now you all do. :))
  • One of our recent converts, Pilar (the niece of our former pensionista family) gave her first talk this Sunday. Our converts are growing up! Haha…but really. She did a great job.
  • And then the next talk was about fasting and prayer, and was given by our ward high priests group leader…and he started off on a tangent about evil spirits. Awkward.

Things are going well here. I´ve had a few little challenges this week, but they´ve really helped me grow. Elder Serrano and I are getting along well as always, but this week we´ve also started working a bit more in unity. It´s good. Anways, as always, I´ve run out of time. I´ll have to catch up next week…so if I get transferred, my email might be a bit later than usual next week. We´ll see how it goes. For now, I love you all so much, and I hope you´re all doing great, as always. You´re in my prayers and thoughts. 🙂

Con muchísimo amor,
Elder Randall
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