Aqui Viene EL Sol…

Hola, familia, y amigos, y todos…

So as my email title (a translation of a Beatles classic, por supuesto) states, here comes the sun. It hasn´t rained very much this week, and that makes me happy. Like I said last week…I love rain. But not now (said the cow?  :)). I´m a missionary. It throws off my groove. OK, not really, but yeah…it´s been so much better working and proselyting this week without having to deal with constant water falling from the sky. And now, to the bullets. 🙂
  • So a piece of information about my companion that I learned yesterday…he hates sweet potato. And when I say hate, I mean hates it. To be honest, I´m not a big fan of it either, but I eat it (cue the shocked gasps… :)), nevertheless. He ate it too…and then promptly (he didn´t tell this to our pensionista family…) threw it all up. Poor Elder Montenegro. It felt weird that for once, it wasn´t me who was freaking out about having to eat something I don´t like. I think I might be growing up. But maybe only a little. 🙂
  • We´ve discovered here that the members here are for the most part, really willing to help us out. We have a good branch mission leader, a collection of people who are willing to go out and visit/teach with us (three of them are either our branch president or his two sons), and we had a very nice number of lessons with members present this week. We can still do more, as is true with anything in missionary work, but we like the direction in which we´re going with the members. As I´ve said a bit before, I was really lame at helping out the missionaries before I left. I was even a ward missionary…and I didn´t do much. My attitude about that has completely changed, and I´m very much resolved to do so much better at being a member-missionary…of course, after I´m done being a missionary missionary. I´d like to invite you all to see in what ways you can help the missionaries in your ward at home. It may be a bit hollow coming from me, after the very little I did to help them previously, but seriously…it makes so much difference. As you may have heard, missionary work goes so much better when there´s members involved.
  • OK, short on time as usual…so this Sunday was nice. We finally had an investigator come to church (and we just found him this past week too…he´s progressing nicely), and we both gave talks. Here in Apurimac, we´re scheduled to give talks each third Sunday. Elder Montenegro spoke on listening to the promptings of the Spirit, and I spoke on the importance of the Book of Mormon. Both our talks went well, I believe, and it´s nice to have the opportunity each month to speak to the members. Hopefully we´ll be able to use that opportunity well.
  • Random side note: I love reading the Liahona (we also have a few stray copies of Ensigns in our room). In Tacna, we were opening an area, and we didn´t have many copies apart from what we get each month or so as missionaries. Here in Apurimac…we have tons of old issues, a bunch of them in English, and I´m really enjoying reading them. I feel like a dork for not being so diligent in reading the Church magazines when I was at home…they´re amazing. I have an old copy of a Liahona from 1983 that I got in Tacna…that reminds me, at home there should be a 1973 copy or so of the Ensign, that I´d love to have if you could send it sometime. No rush, but I´d love to read it.

In terms of our companionship…we had a bit of a low moment this week…but we recovered from it nicely. We´re doing much better. We´re still crazy different (for a literal example, my companion does not care for dairy, cheese, or food with a bunch of sugar…AKA the complete opposite of my eating habits… ), but it´s going well. We´re improving in our work as well, and working together in unity a bit more, and I like that. More or less, our goal is to keep moving forward. That should be all our goal, really. I love you all so much, and I hope this week is terrific for all of you. You´re all, as always, in my prayers. I´d love to hear from more of you…remember you can also send DearElder letters…they get here pretty fast, from what I´ve seen. An email wouldn´t hurt either. I´ll always be sure to respond. 🙂 For now, know that you´re loved and appreciated by a missionary here in Peru… 🙂

Con muchísimo amor,
Elder Randall
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