Brownies and Jam…

Hola, familia, amigos, y todos…

Yet again, my time is short. (“I´m youuuurs…” Sorry. As usual, I was reminded of a song. :)) As it turns out, however, this week I think I don´t have too much to write. We´ll see. And…bullets. 🙂
  • So our pensionista family tried to make brownies this week, from an American brownie mix (Betty Crocker, baby) I bought in Tacna. They bought a new microwave, and were trying to cook them using said microwave (it´s pretty darn nice, btw)…but put it in for half an hour. At high power. My companion and I left to go contact a bit…and when we came back, we smelled something burning. It was the brownies. They were in for about 5 minutes, as I was told, and were already beyond dead. Ah, well. They´ve promised to buy another brownie mix and try again, this time with better cooking conditions. It´ll be worth the wait. 🙂 In another food-related note, last night we ate completos  (BTW completos is not how you say hot dogs in Spanish or Peruvian, it’s a term that is used by kids to call hot dogs in a Youtube video. I think Elder Randall forgot that not everyone has seen that video) . They´re Chilean-style hot dogs (our pensionista and her husband both served in Chile), with…I guess it´s more or less guacamole, tomatoes, and mayo. It should not surprise you that this is now normal and acceptable food for me. 🙂 Anyways, Elder Montenegro was eating his…with strawberry jam. We were all disgusted (yes, the Peruvians included). But to each his own. 🙂
  • Yeah, pretty much no time…let´s see. Oh, I got to read the General Conference talks in English. I borrowed an Ensign that Elder Armijo had. This was a great Conference, just so you all know. I´m going to continue studying the talks again, but in Spanish. They´re definitely all worth reading, if you haven´t already.
  • Pause for a somewhat worldly question…who´s in the new “Dancing With The Stars” cast? I can´t help but be curious… 🙂
  • We tried starting an English class this week, at the church. We had a very large attendance…of zero. Oh well. On to next week. (By the way, I´m the one who will be teaching the class. Good luck to me. :))

So, apologies that this is so short, but it´s already time to wrap up. So my companion…I´ve been frustrated a bit with him, as usual, this week. But I´m really trying to build up my patience. I talked a bit about this with you, Mom, in your email, related to the article you sent me…but yeah. It´s something I´m not completely, utterly lacking, exactly, but something I definitely need to work on. I´m turning to the Lord a lot in my prayers in that regard. Something nice that happened this morning…so I have a little thing of correcting tape, and it stopped working…and then it flat out broke. My companion tried to help me fix it, very graciously. It ended up being unfixable (so if you could send some correcting tape to me sometime soon, that would be awesome…they sell it here, but I have no idea where…), but it was very nice of him to do that. Small moments really make a difference, really. Anyways…we´re doing well. We have a few baptisms on the horizon…we´ll definitely be praying and working hard a lot this week to make sure they happen. I love you all so much, and sorry I don´t have much to inform you about this week. You´re all in my prayers, as always. Keep moving forward. 🙂

Con muchísimo amor,
Elder Randall
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