Baa Baa, Black Sheep, Put It In A Soup…

Hola, familia…

So, to start off in what once again will be a bit of a rushed email, I´m doing much better this week. And not just my usual “it´s getting better” thing (which potentially reminds you all of the catchy Beatles classic “Getting Better”…”You have to admit, it´s getting better/It´s getting better, all the time…” Just me? OK. :)), but seriously…I feel good. Really good. I think as companions, Elder Montenegro and I are finally starting to click a little. We´re still crazy different. He´s still crazy. I´m still crazy. But we´re working out much better, and we´re working more in unity, and it´s not as tense, I´m feeling much more patient with him…it´s good. We had a really low point this week before we got to where we are now. I practically broke down during a practice we were having in zone meeting, I talked with the zone leaders, I prayed a lot, I was open with my companion about what was bothering me, and he was open with me about what was bothering him (it was great to get those things out)…and now here we are. Feeling good. Ready to work hard this week. So now, a few more quick things…
  • For what I am pretty sure is the first time since Kansas, I had macaroni and cheese this week. From a box. Admittedly, it wasn´t as good as the Walmart thick and creamy mac n´cheese…or Kraft…but it was still amazing. It made me happy. My companion wasn´t as thrilled…it was his first time eating it, and top of things, he doesn´t like the taste of cheese. Which is pretty much what makes up mac n´cheese. But he ate it all, and I don´t think he threw up. So he´s progressing. 🙂 In other food news…yesterday we had soup with sheep´s head in it. I think our pensionista gave me mostly other parts of the sheep…but my companion got part of the nose. Her brother-in-law had killed the sheep, and she had the sheep´s head in the kitchen. And showed us. It was lovely. 🙂 But yeah, the soup was fine. Meat is meat. 🙂
  • I´ve been reading the Nov. 2008 Ensign lately, and yesterday I read a talk by Elder Bednar, that coincidentally I had given a talk on a few years ago, if I remember right. It´s about prayer, and a suggestion that Elder Bednar gives is that occasionally, we should pray only for thanks. (There´s a very cool story that goes with that suggestion. Look up the talk if you´d like to remember it.) I followed that suggestion yesterday, and it was a really great experience. Basically, I really, really, really love prayer.
  • So I found out this week while reading the Liahona in Spanish for language study that I´ve been saying a very common word wrong for about 5 or 6 months. “Rato,” or in its diminutive form, “ratito,” means “a little time/little bit/little while” in English, and it´s used very often here. I´d been saying “grato” or “gratito.” I don´t think anyone noticed. It really sounded like it had a “g.” Thank you, translator who included “rato” in the Spanish translation of a Latter Day Saints Voices story in the February Liahona. You helped save me from making one more mistake in Spanish. 🙂
  • Mom, I´m about to ask for another recipe, with love. Your Easter braid (or, as an Ecuadorean hermana that was in my past zone told me it probably is in Ecuador, pan de reyes). We haven´t made the lasagna yet, but we´re going to. And it would go great with an Easter braid… 🙂
  • Random side note: So I´ve heard the pope resigned. That´s kind of crazy. But ah well. I know the Church (as in our Church) is true.

We had an experience with an investigator yesterday that I would like to share…but due to time, it will probably have to wait for next week. The story´s not over yet, anyhow. But long story short, it helped me appreciate more the principle of having love for our investigators, even if they frustrate us sometimes. Anyways, for now, I love you all so much. Thanks for the emails, the prayers, the support, and the love. You´re all in my prayers. Hope your weeks are going amazing… 🙂

Con mucho amor,
Elder Randall
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