A Night Of A Hundred Yeses

Hola, familia, amigos, y todos…

So it´s been a great week this week. Hopefully I´ll have a spot of time to fill you all in on what´s happened…and maybe talk a little bit more about how amazing Conference was. At the very least I don´t have to come up with a poem like President Packer gave. 🙂 Off to the bullets, before I take up too much more time in this little intro…
  • So, a little bit more about Conference…the music. Ahhhh. I now have put on my flash drive all the music I didn´t have yet. Remember last conference how I was floored by “Does The Journey Seem Long?” This Conference, among all the terrific new arrangements they had, I´d have to say the song that did that for me this time around was “Faith.” They announced it, and I went…”What song only has one word….oh, the Primary song! Cool!” And I didn´t really know what to expect…and wow. Such a terrific arrangement. Basically, Conference music is always a treat. As for the talks…there were a lot of great ones. I´d love to share some insights here, but I don´t have my notebook with me, and also, time. Sigh. Just know that I loved it. And I still can´t wait to read/hear the Saturday afternoon session whenever the Liahona comes/I get the chance.
  • My first week as district leader has been good. It was so weird doing the call-in report last night with my district and reporting the numbers to the zone leaders…it´s even weirder that my predecessor as district leader is still in our district. Thus, I´m asking him for the same numbers he asked me just a week ago. Crazy times. But it´s gone well…I still haven´t had to interview anyone yet, and I´m a bit nervous, but I practiced with one of our zone leaders when we wer e on divisions, and that helped me feel so much better.
  • We had a baptism this week! It was a bit sudden how it happened, but it was a great baptism. He´s a 12-year-old named Kevin. His two older sisters are members, but inactive. It was crazy how we found him…we were looking up members from our branch directory, and we knocked at his house and found his aunt, who was talking with them just then about going to Church, and she wanted them to meet the missionaries, etc. He was really excited to talk with us, and from the get go really wanted to be baptized. It turns out his friend from school is a member in our branch, and was a great example for him. He was already answering questions and participating great in Church this Sunday (we sat in on the young men´s class because Kevin and another person we´re baptizing this week are both of that age…it was a terrific lesson), he wants to serve a mission someday…he´s doing quite well. We´re also working on getting his sister to church as well…she came to his baptism, which was good.
  • So, explaining my email title…last night when I was calling my district, a habit I´ve developed in Spanish popped up a lot. My companion, silly elder that he is, counted the times I said “Sí”, because for some reason I say it a lot, and not in a normal way…in a clipped, awkward way, as a filler for conversations, especially when teaching and talking on the phone. In the space of half an hour…he informed me that I said it 100 times. Yikes. Remember when I used to say “like” with everything? It´s like that. I have to keep myself from saying “sí.” It´s a habit I shall have to break…it´s going to be hard. But possible. 🙂
  • Remember how I got bitten by a dog a few weeks ago, but it wasn´t that bad? Yeah…this week I got bitten again. It was a bit worse. But there was once again no blood. It left a mark…it was an angry big fellow (the big dogs don´t usually do anything, so I was surprised it was a big dog this time around). No lasting health issues or anything, no worries. Just a bit of a scare. Honestly, I have no idea what I´m doing to get these Arequipan dogs so mad at me…5 months in Tacna and no perro ever even tried to hurt me. And there were tons there too. Who knows.
  • To not end on that kind of note…we have a baptism scheduled this week. It´s a nice story…but it will have to wait until next Monday for now.

Well, that´s all I have time for. I love you all so much, as always I welcome emails and letters, and I hope your week is absolutely swell. You´ll all keep being in my prayers, as always.

Con muchísimo amor,
Elder Randall


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