Conference And More… But Not Much

Sorry This is a week late 😦

Hola, familia y todos…

So I have a few big things to talk about in this email. Well, somewhat big. One of them, of course, is Conference. Which was quite wonderful…though there were a few hitches in us getting to watch. More on that in a moment. Another is something I just found out last night. And as usual, my time is of course compressed…and I want to be good this week and actually stay at an hour (I´ve been going a bit long the past few weeks…)…so let´s see how it goes. 🙂
  • So…I´ll get the non-Conference big thing out of the way first. At 10 o´clock last night, the zone leaders called to inform me that I am now a district leader. (It´s a long story as to how that happened…basically, various things occurred in another area in our district, and it´s not really important enough to talk about here…) I´m still not entirely sure how I feel about the situation…but above all, I feel confidence in the Lord. I know He´ll help me. This morning I dedicated much of my personal study to, well, how to be a leader. There were a few great things from Conference (for example, Elder Callister gave a talk about leadership…well, more specifically directed at Deacons´ Quorum Presidents, but it still applied to leaders in general…I felt like I needed to write a few certain notes down and thought it will help me later…little did I know, it would be much sooner than I thought), I also studied D&C 121, and the missionary handbook. Of course, all of the great insights I received won´t help me at all…unless I go ahead and put them into practice. That´s something I think I could do a bit better…translate my studying and learning into action. That´s one of my big goals right now. I´d love to go in-depth and share with you all the things I studied…but that will have to wait for another time. For now…
  • Conference! So I actually only got to watch 4 out of the 5 sessions. There was a bit of controversy…the zone leaders told us at the last minute, both days, that we had to have investigators with us if we wanted to attend more than the morning sessions. It was frustrating, because we weren´t able to find investigators for a majority of the sessions…and we had to end up missing Sat. afternoon. I was really down about it….but I prayed hard, I felt better, and we went to work for a little, and were able to find someone that committed to come to the Priesthood session (he didn´t end up coming, but we were able to go at the very least), and have a nice visit with one of our other investigators. And really, as I´ve learned from my intense reading of various Conference issues, for example, the talks will be there forever, I can read them all the time, and also the videos and everything will be on the Internet. (Something important for me, because I learned that the BYU choirs sang, which made me really bummed that I missed seeing them sing, so I´ll have to watch the videos the first chance I get.) The cool thing was that I got to watch all but Priesthood in English, with Elder Armijo, Elder Valerio, and another gringo elder named Elder Sawyer (he´s also from Arizona…), along with a cool member who wanted to watch in English. We had to watch on the Internet, but it was still terrific. Not that Spanish isn´t great, but I really missed Conference in English.

And…aargh, I´d love to go into talks I loved, all that…but I have to wrap up. And there was something else I wanted to share…sigh. Someday. 🙂 For now, I´m doing well, I´m feeling all kinds of emotions about the whole district leader thing, but I´m happy. Life is good. I love you all so much, and I always wish I could write more…but above all, know that as always, you´re all in my prayers, in my heart, and I hope things are going wonderfully. 🙂

Con muchísimo amor,
Elder Randal
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