Divina Luz

Hola, familia y todos…

Hmmm, I don´t know if I like this new little tiny email writing function that Gmail has. But I´m sure I´ll get used to it. By the way, I think I may be getting more and more out of touch with technology by the day. Just so you all know. Anyways, I have a bit more time, but I always think I have more time than I have, and I want to stay under an hour this week because I haven´t been lately, and…breathe. Happy. I´m doing quite well. Let´s go to the bullets.
  • And I just spent about a minute finding the bullets. Sigh. I think when I come home, I´m going to say something along the lines of, “What is this here computer doohickey?” 🙂
  • OK, so we had another baptism this week. I don´t remember if I told you all about a less-active member we´d been working with…yeah, I think I might have just told Mom. Anyways, her name is Jenny, and when we started visiting her (our branch presidency had given us a list of less-active members to look for, and that day we had decided to go visit her), we discovered that she had not been to Church in 18 years. She had a strong desire to return to activity, and the Sunday before this past one, she came to Church with her son, who we had been teaching. He was baptized this weekend. He´s 14 and his name is Leo. He´s terrific. (Crazy connections…she has the name of my aunt, and her son has the name of my cousin. It´s a small world, eh?) She also has a little 4-year-old who talks with absolutely impeccable grammar and vocabulary and loves to tell stories. He´s awesome. Anyways, it was a wonderful experience. Leo and two other recent converts (Kevin that we baptized last week, and another Kevin that got baptized in June and just turned 12) were ordained to the Priesthood on Sunday, and the branch is working with them and talked with them so that they can participate in the Sacrament on Sunday…and it´s just awesome. I really, really love this. We have another baptism planned for this Saturday…and well, once again, that story will have to wait. It´s a good one too.
  • This week, we have an exciting meeting this Thursday with…well, at least Elder Craig C. Christensen, of the Presidency of the Seventy. And quite possibly someone else. Someone else big. I won´t tell you who it might be yet, because we´re not sure. But anyways, the entire mission will be there (I´ll get to see all the people I know here! Well, all of them that haven´t gone home already…aargh, I´m getting old in the mission)…something out of the ordinary, because usually they have at least two meetings (one for Arequipa, and one for Tacna, Moquegua, and Ilo)…and we´ve been practicing in a choir to sing for the meeting. I´m playing the piano, which is pretty cool. (I will also be playing the hymns we´ll sing.) We´re singing “Divina luz” (“Lead, Kindly Light”), and it doesn´t sound too bad. I´m excited. There have been rumors flying around…like they´re going to announce the temple site (Presidente Fernandez told us this morning that they´re going to visit the temple site as part of the visit, and that when they´re allowed to tell us, they will start taking zones on tours of the site, which is amazing), they´re going to honor Presidente Fernandez (he leaves in June), stuff like that…but however the meeting is going to be, I´m sure it will be amazing. I´ll tell you all how it goes next week.
  • My companion and I are still doing very nicely. We had a little argument yesterday, and it was a bit of a bump in the road…but we were able to make up just fine after a little bit. I actually started crying when he apologized to me, which kind of weirded me out. I think I was just taken aback a bit by how much our companionship has improved. We used to have arguments like this, but they didn´t get better very quickly. And now we´re able to get over them just fine. It´s awesome. By the way, my companion is kind of completely insane. But in a good way. He´s crazy, but it´s all good. 🙂 

Wow, I think I´ve actually covered what I wanted to cover. This is strange. There´ve been other little things that have happened this week, but I think I´ll leave it where it is for now. I love you all so much, and thank you always for your prayers, thoughts, and love. Remember you can always drop me a (email) line. I love hearing from every single one of you. 🙂

Con mucho amor,
Elder Randall


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