Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing

Hola, familia y todos…

So first off, Mom, Dad, and Ariel, I sent you guys a quick note about my Mother´s Day call. Hopefully you can all get it before I log off, because if not, I may just have to tell you a time I´m going to do it. I´m probably going to be calling through Skype again…hopefully it works a bit better than Christmastime. I kind of wanted to call by phone, because being around for more time, the sound works better. But Skype is free. Anyways…so the title of my email this week is “Don´t Worry ´Bout A Thing.” (Based on both the Stevie Wonder classic and an awesome SheDAISY song of the same name…) A few of the things I´m trying not to worry about…and which you guys are not allowed to worry about, because I said so:
  • I have a foot infection. In both feet.
  • I cut myself in the finger.
  • Our numbers were awful this week and we´re in a spot of trouble.
  • Elder Armijo got transferred.
  • Like I alluded to last week, I have a year in the mission.

So, a bit more explanation about all these things. Also, I´m attaching pictures. (We´re borrowing the adapter of our pensionista´s husband.) Happy times. 🙂

  • So the foot infection. Please don´t freak out. A few days ago, I noticed a bit of pain when walking, and there was something in one of my shoes poking into my feet a bit. The next day it got worse, and so I called the zone leaders, and they called the mission president´s wife, and they had me go to the local clinic down the street. There they diagnosed me with a little infection, and they prescribed me a cream to put on my feet for the next 15 days twice a day, and…this is really boring, so long story short, the cream is helping (especially with the pain), I´m using some other shoes for now, and I should be just fine in a week or two. No worries. I promise. 🙂
  • The finger cut wasn´t that bad. On like Monday or Tuesday, I was trying to open a package of hot dogs, and I poked the knife through the plastic, and for some dumb reason, I had my other hand behind the plastic a little bit, and I cut myself. I wanted to call this email “The First Cut is the Deepest,” but then the whole foot thing happened, and I thought of my other title idea, and you know. 🙂 Anyways, that too is doing better…our pensionista made sure to get care for my finger pretty quickly, I have bandages that I used, and it´s all fine now, more or less.
  • Well, our numbers (key indicators) were abysmal this week. Last night, before we had to report them, I was somewhere between trying to calm down and soul-crushing fear. Yeah. It wasn´t great. But this week…we´re really committed to doing better. We need to do much better, really, because we can´t get much lower than we´ve been doing.
  • So Elder Armijo got transferred to another zone in Arequipa. It´s disappointing, because he´s amazing and he always made all of us in the zone laugh (all the time…he is one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life, and I love it), and it was so nice having him and Elder Valerio here in the zone with me when they were with me in the MTC, but it´s alright. Him being here in Arequipa, we´ll most likely see each other the next big meeting we have, or something like that, and as well, we´ll obviously see each other when we get done, us being in the same group and all. What bugged me a bit was that Elder Montenegro was all excited about it…he didn´t really understand/like Elder Armijo too much. But I don´t give a darn. I know Elder Armijo is awesome. 🙂 (And Ariel, like I wrote you…write him. ASAP. Constantly. :))
  • Yeah. A year in the mission. It happened on the 2nd. I´m just going to keep working, keep being a missionary, and be happy. I´m doing well with my companion still (he´s still crazy, but still good), and there have been changes that have happened in the zone here…but I love my area, my companion´s good, and I know the Lord will be with me…all I have to do is seek His help.
  • I think we´re having lasagna today for lunch. Our pensionista and her husband went downtown to buy the ingredients. This may be completely awesome. 🙂 (They´ve tried to make it before a bit, but this time they´re actually going to use the recipe, I believe.)

So, an explanation of the pictures, if I can remember which ones I attached off the top of my head…one, where we´re in our room, is Elder Montenegro and I, when we first started. The one of the baptism with just a woman is from Elizabeth´s baptism last week. The one of the baptism with a family is Hermana Jenny (the sister that hadn´t gone to Church in 18 years), her son Leo who got baptized, my companion and I, her little son Adriano that talks like an adult, and conveniently, the baptism we had before that, an awesome 12-year-old named Kevin. The one with the fish and Elder Montenegro displays his personality very well. 🙂 And then there´s one of Misti, the pride of Arequipa (it´s an active volcano/mountain…never call it a hill, because the people of Arequipa will hate you forever). I wish I could send more, but here´s a few for now. I love you all so much, and I hope you´re doing great. And…I´m going to call at 5 PM Peru time, which should be 3 PM Arizona time, but check just in case, and I hope you´ll all be there. I´ll call using Skype…make sure you have your accounts ready and everything. I can´t wait to talk to you guys! 🙂

Con amor,
Elder RandallImageImageImageImageImageImage
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