I Ate Guinea Pig, And I Liked It…

Hola, familia y amigos…

So, once again my time is short. But I have a few interesting things to tell you. One of them is an affirmative answer to a question that Livi, you have often asked me. Another is something I forgot to talk about last week. And then another involves a long-awaited arrival. And…things. Let´s talk about them a spell.
  • So…Livi, you have asked me a lot if I´ve eaten guinea pig. Before this past week, I have had to tell you no. That has now changed. This past week, they killed 3 guinea pigs they had in the backyard…and we ate them. Fried. Oh my gosh…it´s so delicious. You guys will be lucky that I have no idea how to prepare cuy (that´s what guinea pig is called here), nor have the desire or ability to kill one, because if I did know or want to do these things, none of your guinea pigs would be safe. 🙂 Seriously…it´s amazing. They don´t have much meat. But the meat there is…heck yes. Yeah. I´m in Peru. 🙂
  • The thing I forgot to talk about last week…so the 4-year-old son of Hermana Jenny, the hermana we helped come back to Church for the first time in 18 years, and her son Leo got baptized, and I hope you all remember me talking about her…anyways, him, his name is Adriano, and as I mentioned before, he talks like an adult. Not necessarily with the subjects he talks about. But with impeccable grammar and so clearly, and he loves telling stories (complete with actions), and he has tons of energy, and basically, he´s amazing. You all have to meet him someday soon. Amen. I might try to get a video of him or something. Anyways, the week before this past one, he sang the opening song from “Cars.” In English. I had no idea what he was singing at first, because it was 4-year-old Peruvian boy trying to sing in English, but then Hermana Jenny told me, and I went, “Oh!”, and he sang it again, and it was awesome. Sadly, he has since forgot it, but still. It made my day. 🙂
  • I finally got my package! On Thursday. And wow. It was big. (The missionaries in our zone were marveling. And opened it and were looking through it, haha.) Mom and everyone in the family…thank you guys so much. Mom, like I mentioned in the email to you, you always think of everything…and then more than everything, haha. So a few of the things you always send, they have here, but that always means I don´t have to buy them, so it works out. And holy cow…I´m eating so much candy. I´m trying to make it last. It´s sort of working. 🙂 And, the scrapbooking supplies you sent…see below and see how perfect it was that they got here when they did.
  • More about Hermana Jenny…her birthday was this Friday, and we bought her a stuffed dog. And made her cards. So the stickers…we both used them generously. It was perfect. I took pictures of her gift and the cards that I´ll try to send you all later. But yeah. We gave it to her, we ate cake, it was very nice. Also, she bore her testimony on Sunday, and wow…it was amazing. I think it was the first time she´s borne her testimony in Church since she came back…thus, 18 years or so. And it was very powerful. She even thanked Elder Montenegro and I personally, and that was really special. Her testimony is stronger than ever…her son is baptized…and she´s just really happy in the Church again. It´s wonderful to see. Along with her sons, you totally have to meet her too. Just so you know.
  • On Thursday, weekly planning, coincidentally the same day I got my package, Elder Montenegro and I had a bit of an ugly argument. But afterwards…we were able to make up. It was interesting how it happened. The gringo zone leader I´ve mentioned that I don´t like was talking to each of us individually, because Elder Montenegro first went to talk to him about me and how he was frustrated. Then the zone leader talked to me…and it was ridiculous. I won´t go into details, but basically he was just complaining about how I was making problems and doing things wrong. Not trying to help at all. Ugh. But then afterwards we were with the zone, and the other zone leader was talking about how we shouldn´t let companionship issues get in the way of the work…and probably directing this to us…and it clicked with both of us. We were just fine afterwards. We enjoyed looking through the package, we worked much better, it was all good. And that´s something I´m incredibly thankful for with my companion now…that even though we still have issues, now, we´re able to get over them so much easier. Even when it gets really bad. I´m so grateful for my companion…he drives me crazy like 90% of the time, but he´s amazing. He´s the companion I need right now. Period the end.
  • Now speaking of me and my companion…we have probably 2 weeks left together, because we´re in our third transfer together here in Apurimac, and it´s almost a given that one of us will go. It´s dang sad to think about…and wow, how far we´ve come, because honestly, when we were going through tons of issues, I was waiting for us to finish up as a companionship. But now…dang it. I´m going to miss him a lot. I´ve gotten really used to him too, because we´ve been together so long (he is now the companion I´ve had for the longest, and it may stay that way all my mission, since our first transfer was longer than usual, and usually missionaries are only together 2 transfers at the most). And the thing is, neither of us know exactly who is going. In a bit of a rare situation, we both have pretty much the same time here in Apurimac. And various other factors that make it even more confusing as to who will go. I don´t like this. Dang transfers. We´ll see how it goes…but for now, we´ll make the very most of the time we have left together, and Hermana Jenny says she´s going to go on strike if we get transferred, so that might help. 🙂
  • I turned 13 months old yesterday. I think I´m just going to not believe this. 🙂

And for now…I´m a wee bit over time as usual, so I should probably wrap this up. And I´m going to give my email a title this week, haha…lame that I totally forgot to put one last week. (It probably would have been something punny like “Just A Kiss” or “A Kiss To Build a Dream On.” :)) Remember that I love you all so much, I´m praying for you every day, never fear to write me, because I love getting emails and letters as always, and that you´re all amazing. 🙂 Hope things are going wonderfully for you all…

Con amor,
Elder Randall
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