He Did It Again! Ahhhhh!


Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 10:10 AM
Subject: “He Did It Again! Ahhhh!”

Hola, familia y todos…

So I use yet another random movie reference for my email title this week. Remember in “Home Alone 2” when they wake up late again for the van that goes to the airport, they run in front of the camera, scream, “We did it again!,” then run in front of the camera again, and go, “Ahhh!”? Yeah. Read my email title thinking of that and you´ve got it. So who is He? And what did He do again? All will be revealed. 🙂
So remember last week when I told you I´d keep you informed about how transfers went? Oh, do I have an update for you all. But first, let´s rewind about 4 months, to my last week or two in Tacna. That Sunday, I totally thought I was going to be there one Sunday more, so I didn´t say goodbye to like anyone. Hna. Yesenia bought a cool dessert recipe book that had a recipe for chocolate chip cookies in it, and we were planning to make them before I left. (Well, then they left, but you know.) And I knew I was probably going to get changed, but I was totally expecting it to be normal. And then you all should know what happened next (the Monday before transfers that next Sunday, we went to play volleyball with the zone, and that night I ended up on a bus to Arequipa).
Now, to this past week in Apurimac. We both knew that either one of us would get transferred, almost certainly, that next Sunday, but since this Sunday was our second-to-last Sunday, we didn´t really say goodbye to anyone yet. We have talks the 3rd Sunday, so Elder Montenegro and I were talking about how we would have a really good chance to kind of bid goodbye to the members, whichever of us was leaving. Hna. Jeaneth got a few recipe books…in the newspaper?…something like that, and there were some awesome dessert recipes in there, including chocolate chip cookies. And we knew we were probably going to get changed, but we thought it would be normal.
Sound familiar yet? Well, one more detail. On Wednesday at about 12 o´clock, we received a call from the zone leaders. They had some big news for me.
Yep. I got emergency changed. Again.
And…let´s go to the bullets for some more info on this crazy situation that I´m actually pretty calm and happy about now…
  • So on Wednesday, the zone leaders called us, and informed me that I had an emergency change. I was once again freaking out a bit, but I had been through it before, so…I guess it´s all old hat for me now or something. 🙂 There wasn´t as much of a time crunch…I got transferred to another area here in Arequipa, the zone leaders said to just call them when I was done packing, etc. Elder Valerio called me a little bit after and said he was getting transferred to the same zone as me, which confused us greatly and gave us a feeling that it might be a joke, but we later found out his transfer was cancelled, and yeah, it was real. We actually got the chance to eat lunch one last time together, and also say goodbye to Hermana Jenny. She gave us pizza and ice cream, because it´s Hermana Jenny and she always gives us food, haha. I was calm through it all…but when the dad of Hna. Jeaneth, our pensionista, started crying, that flipping almost got me. I can deal with people crying, but when they´re 80 something years old and talking about how they get so attached to the elders that come, and then they have to go…aargh. It was tough. But besides that…that´s how the mission is. We change.
  • So I went in a taxi (about a 20-30 minute ride, no más) to my new area (that was so much nicer than a 6-hour bus ride from Tacna to Arequipa, btw), conveniently with a member from Apurimac that drives a taxi and does lots of favors for the missionaries. So that was a little helpful transition there. I used my package to put some of my stuff in, and all that. And then other crazy arrival stuff happened, but for now, I´m going to go directly to how my area is, who my companion is, etc., before I run out of time, because I think my new zone is a bit stricter on keeping it to an hour, and I need to be a good boy. 🙂
  • My new area is Augusto Freyre, a ward in the Hunter Stake. The zone is also called Hunter. Weirdly enough, Elder Serrano was actually in this area right before he came to Tacna. So I´m technically walking in his shoes, haha. So far, we´re still getting to know the area, so we´re kind of lost…so my companion just got to Peru like a week and a half ago, and his previous companion didn´t keep him too up-to-date on the area, and so we´re basically both completely new to the area. Once again, I´m more or less opening an area. Nothing new by now. 🙂 But anyways, even though we´re kind of feeling our way around a bit, holy cow, this area looks extremely promising. The ward is large and strong (definitely a change from Apurimac…being a branch, even though the members and leaders were amazing, it had its challenges), the members give referrals like crazy, we actually had 2 investigators come to Church on Sunday without even trying, the bishopric is incredibly supportive, our ward mission leader is new and just got baptized, but he´ll learn well, we already have 2 people that are going to married and baptized the next week…just wow. I´m excited. And our room and pension are nice. The area´s a bit large and crazy, but yeah. Wow.
  • So quick like a bunny, my companion. He´s a gringo named Elder Murdock, from St. George. And he´s pretty awesome. Definitely way different from my other son…oh yeah, I´m training again. So now I have two sons. But anyways, way different from Elder Montenegro. And though I learned so much from him, and I miss him a lot, this is kind of a breath of fresh air, I´d have to admit. Like…we already get along so well. It´s so nice. Also, I´m not district leader anymore. I´m guessing if I¨m not horrible, I´ll probably be one again after I´m done training, but for now, this break is nice. What I miss more than anything is my district in my other zone. They were amazing. But we should be having a big meeting to say goodbye to Presidente Fernandez in a few weeks, so I´ll probably get to see all or most of them pretty soon. That´s nice.

I´ll have to tell you more about my companion, my area, cool experiences, etc. next week. My time is like pretty much up. I love you all so much, and know that even though once again the mission has brought some crazy changes my way, I know the Lord´s behind it all, and that I´ll be just fine. He loves me, and He´ll take care of me and my companion here in this amazing, crazy new area. You´re all in my prayers and thoughts, and I hope everything´s going wonderfully. 🙂

Con mucho amor,
Elder Randall
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