Growing Up

Hola, familia y todos…

So, to start off my email, in which I don´t have the greatest amount of time, but I should be able to get this all out, I´m going to start with a story. So this past week, on Monday, we got to play soccer with another zone, and it was crazy disorganized, but nice to see some certain people (more on that below, and in the pictures I attach…). At one point, there was a group of gringos talking, and I was in the circle. They were talking about when they graduated from high school.
“I´m class of 2012. And you?” (Turns to other elder) “Me too.” (Other elder) “Me too.” (They turn to me) “Elder Randall, when did you graduate?” (In a somewhat ashamed voice) “2009.” (Everyone) “Whoa!”
So yeah. That happened. As I have repeatedly but cheerfully stated, I´m getting old. 🙂
Now, to the bullets, all quick but orderly-like…
  • So, we got to play with another zone. And guess whose zone it was? Elder Montenegro´s. He got to meet Elder Murdock a bit more, and as attached, I took a posterity picture with my two hijos. (Can you spot the awesome assistant to the mission president photo-bombing in the back? :)) It was so weird to have them together, btw. Elder Montenegro says he misses me, haha. And he still calls me (in a very high voice), “Papá! Papá!” Oh, how time passes. We were also talking a lot about our old area, and wondering how it´s doing, and sadly, pretty much every progressing investigator we were working had some happen, and now pretty much none of them want to/can get baptized. Sad day. But according to the numbers we get each week from the mission, they had 3 baptisms this week. That´s good.
  • So the zone we played with was the zone Elder Armijo was in…but I found out, he got transferred to Tacna…funnily enough, in an area I know, but wasn´t in that much. It was closed when I was there, and I remember I went to a meeting with the bishopric there once on divisions with the zone leaders (they were covering that area then), and it was such a great experience, and I was praying a lot for that area to be opened. And now it is. And Elder Armijo´s there! And apparently he´s in the same district as Elder Valerio, who also got transferred there, I found out. Crazy. I´m a bit jealous, but well, I was already in that zone, so what can I do? 🙂
  • We had a baptism this week! It was really cool. It´s the son of our new pensionista, who is a recent convert. He´s 11 and his name is Aldair. So he wanted to get baptized when his family was being taught a few months ago…but his dad, who works out of town in Puno, wanted him to wait, so he did, but kept coming to Church, basically was a member, all that. This week we decided to accelerate things a bit, and the time was right. He was ready to be baptized. His mom signed the form, they called his dad and his dad was totally OK with it, and finally, he got baptized. He´s such a great kid…so cheerful and just fun to be around. And we see him every day, haha, because we eat with his family. So there you go. 🙂
  • I´ve recovered basically completely from my illness. It really wasn´t that bad. My companion I think I got a bit sick, but not as much as I did. He´s good.
  • So remember in my last area, I got bitten by a few horrible dogs? Here in Augusto Freyre so far, I haven´t received any. But my companion, unfortunately, has received a few…last night, one on the hand. I think my areas just go back-and-forth with me getting dog bites. Tacna, nothing. Apurimac, tons. Here, nothing. Who knows. 🙂
  • I tried mustard and ketchup this week, briefly. They weren´t too bad. I´m sure these food-related news items don´t surprise any of you anymore… 🙂
  • Ariel, this may interest you, because you know who she is. There´s a Chilean elder in my zone that knows how to play “Us” by Regina Spektor. He started playing it the last zone meeting we had, afterwards, and according to Elder Murdock, I almost kissed him. I promise I did not really do this, haha. But still. I was so excited.

And…out of time. I must depart. And aargh, I still need to share that experience. I promise I will. It was great. And for now…I love you all. Write me. I hope you´re all doing wonderfully. 🙂

Con amor,
Elder Randall
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