In Sickness In Health..

Hola, familia y todos…

So I had my email so well planned-out this week. And then, once again, I am left with little time. But let´s try this. It´s been a terrific week. So many things to quickly bullet-tell you about…
  • We had two baptisms this week! A picture with them two, and all the family, is attached. Aargh, I don´t have much time. Their names are Ursula and Claudia, and they´re sisters. We started teaching them and their mom, who is a member but hadn´t gone to Church in quite a while, along with their cousin (also in the pic, with glasses…he´s going to get baptized soon…we need to get him permission, mainly by talking to his dad…), a few weeks ago. They´re such an amazing family. We were able to help their mom, Hna. Celia (she´s in the center next to her daughters, who are in white), come back to Church, and now her daughters are baptized. They were so happy…it was just awesome. Elder Murdock baptized both of them, though I helped with Claudia, because she can´t bend down too well on her own.
  • Random fun short story from like 2, 3 weeks ago: While in my first week or two here, I didn´t know the greatest how to get around in my area. I was on divisions with one of the zone leaders, and we got on a bus to go from a far-out part of our area to the main part of our area. Little did we know, there are two different buses that go from there. One goes to our area. One goes to a completely different zone (as in zone for us as missionaries). Guess which one we took? It was horrible. But hilarious. And a nice lady helped us get a taxi back. 🙂
  • Another random fun short story, but from this week…we got a ride from the police. Well, the neighborhood patrol-type police. This sounds bad. But it´s not, I promise. We were in that same far-out area, and we were starting to walk back, and they were driving by, and asked us if we wanted a ride back. We accepted it, and talked to them about the Gospel (my companion helped start it off and give me courage there…hey, it was the police… :)). It was awesome. And we drove by one of our recent converts, Ericka, and I didn´t see her face too well, but apparently she was quite shocked to see us riding in a police truck. Her look was priceless. 🙂
  • Our new pension is great. Just so you know. And…next. 🙂
  • Presidente Zobrist is absolutely terrific…we got to meet him a bit in a welcome conference this week. He´s pretty gringo, and his wife doesn´t speak Spanish, but I love them both already. I´m very excited. It´s so different from Presidente and Hermana Fernandez, but they´re really, really great.
  • I´m currently sick right now…but don´t worry. I´m getting better. (“She turned me into a newt!” “But you do not look like a newt.” “I got better.” :)) I got a cold, I´m still coughing a bit, but I´ve been putting on menthol and trying to bundle up, and it´s helping, and I´m improving. And I´ve been able to work fine. Well, sort of. More or less.
  • And…my hour just came up. Quick, quick. Oh my gosh, we had such an incredible experience this week…like it left my companion and I without words after. But…I don´t want to try to shoehorn what I want to share from it into an email in which I do not have time, so I think I´ll write it in my journal (which I totally need to start using again), then bring it next week and just summarize what I wrote there. Seriously….so cool.
  • I turned 14 months old this week in the mission. Sometimes I want to stop counting. But I won´t. 🙂
  • So the pictures: We got to go to a cool store this week and they have American sodas. And I finally tried Dr. Pepper. Yes. I have converted to the caffeine club. 🙂

Oh, and one more quick thing. The past few days, I´ve been scared twice by sheep suddenly appearing right next to me. Haha, this probably sounds very strange. Also, last night, I dreamed I got transferred to Africa. Yeah. That happened. And…besides the amazing experience I will totally share with you all next week…I think I got pretty much everything. I love you all so much, don´t be afraid to write, and you´re as always all in my prayers and thoughts. 🙂

Con amor,
Elder Randall


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