That Night That Two-Third Of Bishopric Was My Companion

July 22, 2013

Hola, familia y todos…

So, by now, more than a year after I started writing emails to you all each week, you should all know that I like to come up with clever email titles. Sometimes they´re OK, sometimes they´re great, it all depends. But sometimes, there´s something so weird, so different, that happens, that I just have to lay it all out there. So it is with my email title this week. I will explain below, in a quick but exhaustive fashion. 🙂
  • First off, something I wrote down on Monday to make sure to tell you all. Ariel, you will take special interest in this. My companion is now an empanada convert. We have a few bakeries in our area (we did not know this for the first like month of our time here… :)), and we bought empanadas on Monday, and I fell back in love, and my companion started his empanada journey. AKA we both thought they were delicious. And now we both want to convert the nice lady in the bakery that sold us them, haha. (It would mean free or discounted empanadas… :))
  • So…now going to explain my title a bit. My companion is currently in Lima…he´s getting his foreign ID card (carnet de extranjería). Remember when I went to Lima in November? That´s what I went for. So they told us Saturday night that he was going (nothing out of the ordinary, that´s how it happened for me too). Sunday, we had our ward conference (a bit more on that in a second…it was terrific), and we found a recent convert that´s 18 to accompany me for the rest of Sunday (Elder Murdock had to leave for the airport Sunday afternoon…we sent him alone in a taxi…I´m sure he was fine though… :)), and he said he´d be back at 2:30. 2:30 came…and went. At like 3:15, we were in trouble…my companion had to be at the airport at 4, and he hadn´t come yet. So we went downstairs to the bishop (did I tell you that we live in the same house as the bishop?), and he was thankfully able to accompany us and get Elder Murdock a taxi. We did so, we waited some more at his house for the guy that was supposed to come, he still didn´t, and thus, I had to go to a young men´s/young women´s fireside with the bishop, at the stake center. It was pretty funny thinking how it must have looked when I walked in…a missionary alone, with the bishop, coming in to a youth fireside. 🙂 Afterwards, we left, after the bishop (and I, a tiny bit) helped one of the stake presidency start his car, we went to an appointment, and then to another. Accompanied by another member of the bishopric. It was so weird. Then we called another young recent convert, he came to our second appointment, and he was able to accompany me last night and this morning until Internet. Now I´ll be with the zone leaders for the rest of the day. I miss my companion so much…
  • So…ward conference. It was great. They make a bigger deal out of it here…there were nice little flower arrangements, a special number, and even refreshments after. Crazy.
  • I went on divisions with the zone leaders this week…with Elder Randall. Yes, two Randalls in one area. (It was his area, not ours.) It was awesome. 🙂 (Sadly, we didn´t confuse too many people. It would have been fun, though.)

We´ve done well this week. My time just ran out, so I´ll have to leave it with that short little thing. Sorry I didn´t write much this week, but I´m happy, I´m good, and we´re committed this week to working very hard. I love you all so much, and remember to keep me posted on all your lives. 🙂 You´re all, as always, in my prayers.

Con amor,
Elder Randall
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