Something In The Water…

Hola, familia y todos…

I´ve been quite a busy bee in my email writing time today, so I´ll have to hurry this puppy up. But I don´t think I have too much crazy to tell you all about. It´s been a good week overall. A few random occurrences…let´s get to covering them…
  • So my title refers to a bit of an incident that happened earlier this week…so we have water bottles with filters that we got in the MTC, and up until now, I´ve used it from time to time on my mission, with water from the tap, and they´ve worked fine and filtered well and I haven´t gotten sick. This was in Tacna and Arequipa. Apparently…Ilo water is a bit different. And thus, even with my water filter, I got hit with a stomach bug on Wednesday. Our pensionista took good care of me, gave me very light things to eat, I got lots of rest, and I was able to recover pretty quickly, thank goodness. All better now. And now I know not to drink tap water here, not even with a filter.
  • A more amusing incident…so were on the bus on our way to zone meeting, and I was holding on to the handrail, with a bunch of people…it was all crowded. Where I was holding onto, the handrail had a loose screw, and all of a sudden, it came out, creating a bit of a fuss on the bus. (I´m a poet, and I kind of know it. :)) The money-taking lady yelled at me and told me to use the other handrail, although it was crazy crowded and I had to maneuver all weird to hold onto it. Oh, buses in Peru. So delightful. 🙂
  • It´s been going well in our new area. It´s different, and I want to kind of wake up the members a lot more…coming from an absolutely amazing, strong ward in Arequipa to a smaller branch here, I know things can´t be exactly the same, but I feel the branch can do much more…it has tons of potential, and right now, it´s one of the bigger branches I´ve seen already. so it has the resources. The thing is that most of the active members and leaders live in the other part of the branch (as I mentioned, there are 4 missionaries here in the branch, so it´s split into two proselyting areas). We´ll see how it goes.
  • Still haven´t gotten my package, but the zone leaders are heading to Arequipa right now for their leadership council, and it´s possible they might get it there. I forgot to ask them to check on it while they were there, but they should inform them about it if it´s gotten here and everything.
  • I gave a talk in sacrament meeting…they told me on Saturday night, sigh, but it went very well. I talked about “hastening the work of salvation” (something the Church has put a lot of emphasis on lately). It was something different for me and my talks in that I didn´t write it all out…I used notes instead (though I had a few parts written out to help me say what I wanted to say). It worked out well, so I might try doing that more in the future. I´m ‘graduating’! 🙂
  • I found out which ward the Santiago family (the family I knew in Tacna, my first/third pensionista there) is in. It´s unfortunately in another district of our zone, so I won´t be going there for divisions or anything, but I told the elders that serve there to say hi to them from me, and pretty soon I´m sure we´ll see each other in stake activities and whatnot. It´s so cool that we ended up in the same stake!
  • Something I almost forgot…so I´m district leader again. A small surprise, because they didn´t tell me when they called me for transfers (they usually do…for some reason it reminds me of the video of the life of President Monson, where the lady is called as Primary president of Canada´s first stake, and they hadn´t told her about the calling beforehand…the stake president simply informed her, “I knew you´d say yes.” :)), but it´s going well so far. It´s created yet another pattern in my mission…my third time being district leader, and I´m always district leader, then not, then yes, then not. I´ve trained three times…been district leader three times…go back and forth between ward, branch, ward, branch…it´s interesting the things you notice. Well, the things I notice, because I´m a nerd like that. 🙂
  • Amusing side note really quick before I close…so somehow in a conversation with our pensionista and her daughter, we got on the subject of Teletubbies. I mentioned how in English, when they say, “Po!,” it´s all clipped and with a weird British accent, and I always thought that was funny. Well, they all thought it was VERY funny how I said it. It´s since become a kind of inside joke. 🙂

I think that´s pretty much everything I wanted to cover. Not terribly eventful of an email, but you know. So, attached, a picture of my new companion and I, taken improvisationally this morning as we left for Internet. He actually smiles much more than this. I love you all so much, good to hear you´re all doing well, and always make sure to write me, as I always tell you…I love to hear from you all. For now…

Elder RandallImage
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